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Master leather workers in Marrakech

Master leather workers in Marrakech

With its lively streets and colorful souks in the Medina, Marrakech is a must-see location for any Moroccan voyage. Beyond the buzz, the sights, sounds, and smells which is a true sensory delight, we have a few exciting tasks on our itinerary whilst visiting the city. 

Pigments for yarn dying

Yarn dying in the Medina

Colorful spice displays in the Medina

First the team settles into a stunning Riad for an authentic stay in the heart of Marrakech. The Riad rooftop is sunshine filled and adorned with stunning black and white zellige tile and impressive cacti. The warm hospitality is felt and shared through beautifully prepared tagine dishes served up in the hand painted Moroccan ceramics.

A vegetarian tagine, specially prepared for Samantha

Beautiful place setting with hand painted Moroccan ceramics

Sunshine filled Riad in the Medina district of Marrakech

Sunset on the rooftop terrace

Once well rested, the Bay-ti team heads out to visit the master leather workers who are responsible for creating the beautiful handbags and poufs in our range. Here the cooperative is woman owned and Samantha was lucky enough to meet with many of the people to work and operate within the Marrakech cooperative.

Samantha meeting with some of the woman behind the cooperative

Samantha meeting a master leatherworker

The stitching featured on leather bags and poufs are created by talented specialists in the craft.

Aside from the incredible handwork and artisan made goods, the stunning architecture, shapes and colors of the complex were also very beautiful, wth the blush tones and terracotta that are so distinctive to Moroccan design.

The stunning courtyard featuring mosaic tile table tops

Newly made poufs for Bay-ti

Wonderful new color range

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