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Tafilalet Antique Door

Original price $8,000.00 - Original price $8,000.00
Original price
$8,000.00 - $8,000.00
Current price $8,000.00

This vintage, antique Moroccan door brings an exquisite, rustic accent to your home. Made of Moroccan cedar wood dating back to the early 1900’s, it is durable and will last a lifetime. It is originally attached to a traditional Berber home in the Atlas Mountains and detailed with carvings, Berber motifs and brass accents. Hand-carved and wonderfully weathered, it portrays the richness of Moroccan culture and tells the family story. Add a vintage decorative charm to your home – the door can be hung on a wall, turned into a coffee table or used as a headboard. This prized possession represents the architectural and decorative tradition of Morocco and is a real treasure. 

Dimensions: 5'3'' x 3'4''

Material: Cedar wood

Period: early 1900’s